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www.myGBClaim.com is the website where you can log on to get real time online access to your claim information with Gallagher Bassett. It should be our prime focus to keep ourselves, family, business and belongings insured, which acts as a financial cushion in times of exigencies. Therefore, if anything untoward happens, we must report immediately and correctly, to receive the insurance claims within the stipulated period. Similarly, it is the duty of the insurance providers to look after their clients and their problems and solve these effectively. However, there are times when inappropriate or forged claims create hindrance in the smooth running of this system, creating a misunderstanding between the insurers and insure.

This is where the role of Third Party Administrator (TPA) becomes so vital and Gallagher Bassett, founded in 1962 and one of the best and the largest property/casualty TPA, has been serving its over 3300 customers worldwide through more than 100 branches, efficiently. It enlightens its customers by providing insights and has mastered services in the areas of claims management, information management, medical cost containment, as well as offers consultative services that include risk control consulting and appraisal services. It constantly endeavors to deliver value-added services to its clients and believes clear communication between two or more parties is the only path for transparency.

To provide you with this facility, whether you are a claimant or provider, existing or new member, Gallagher Bassett invites you to log on to www.mygbclaim.com, its newest information management tool and have a round-the-clock access to check status and payment information. 

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